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Telecoms Services

Award Winning Technology...

The Virtuoso Telecoms Solution package provides our clients with dedicated local numbers, backed by an award winning service provider that delivers in hosted virtual PBX technology and price.

Putting you in control...

Whether you just want a call answering facility or the ability to make calls with your own Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone the Virtuoso Telecoms Solution has been designed to put you in control of your own telephony - giving you the flexibility to receive or make calls how, where and when you like.

Local area dedicated numbers on your mobile...

With the mobile integration facility you are able to utilise your mobile phone, via an application, to receive and make VOIP calls where ever you are in the world (this feature only functions on 3G/4G/WiFi enabled phones).

You get...

  • 01
    Call Forwarding & Divert
  • 02
    Personalised Voicemail
  • 03
    Group numbers
  • 04
    On-hold music
  • 05
    Online user interfaces
  • 06
    Fax2Email and Email2fax
  • 07
    Conferencing facilities
  • 08
    Call recording
  • 09
    VOIP handsets
  • 10
    Mobile Phone Integration


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Zurich Virtual Office Packages