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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01
    What is a Virtual Office?
    A virtual office is an address and communication service that provides a business presence without the need of dedicated office space, therefore keeping operating costs to a minimum.
  • 02
    Why Use a Virtual Office?
    There are many reasons for using a virtual office, including the ability to keep overheads to a minimum, the flexibility to have an affordable business presence in locations that would otherwise be unfeasible, the benefit of being able to employ the best people for the job without the constraints of geographical locations, and the advantage of trying out new markets without the constraint of costly infrastructure overheads.
  • 03
    Who Uses a Virtual Office?
    Virtual Offices are used by every size of business across the corporate spectrum, from one person start ups to blue chip multinationals.
  • 04
    How would a Virtual Office enable me to work from home?
    All communications addressed to your virtual office address will be forwarded to you, wherever you are, in accordance with your wishes. Telephone calls can be dealt with a number of ways; you could have a telephone handset at home with a dedicated number, calls could be forwarded to a number of your choosing, smartphones with the correct application could accept calls from your dedicated number, and clients could leave you a voicemail.
  • 05
    Can I use the virtual office address as my corporate mailing address?
    Yes, you can use the virtual office address as your corporate mailing address.
  • 06
    Can I use the virtual office address as my company’s registered office address?
    As a general rule unless your company is incorporated in the same jurisdiction as that of where the virtual office address service is being provided from you will not be permitted, under law, to use the virtual office address for the purpose of your company’s registered office.
Set Up & Fees:
  • 01
    Are there any hidden costs, set up charges or deposits required?
    No, upon receipt of full payment for either the three-months, six-months or 12-months service contract you will get the immediate use of our prestigious business address. Additional services such as mail forwarding and telecoms services are provided on a pay as you go basis, so you only pay for what you use.
  • 02
    Are there cancellation charges?
    No, however there are no refunds for a service that has been provided in full or in part.
  • 03
    How long do the services take to set up?
    You will have use of our mailing address and telephone services within 24 hours of receipt of payment for the service, together with valid proof of ID and proof of address documents.
  • 04
    Is there a contract or agreement?
    Yes, you have the option of signing for a three-months, six-months or twelve-months contract. When electing the 12-months contract option we will give you 1-month full discount.
  • 05
    Is the contract automatically renewed?
    Yes, the contract is automatically renewed for the same period as the pre-existing agreement unless the agreement has been cancelled in writing with 30 days prior notice.
  • 06
    How do I pay for the Virtuoso Virtual Office service?
    The Virtuoso Virtual Office is a subscription-based service and is payable in advance pertaining to your elected contract term of three-months, six-months, or twelve-months. You can pay for this service by bank-to-bank wire transfer and/or via PayPal (please visit our webpage and click on the PayPal button).
  • 07
    How much does the Virtuoso Virtual Office service cost?
    Please contact us directly to request the latest Tariff of Charges.
  • 08
    Who do I contact if I want more information?
    Please click on the Contact Us link or alternatively call us on +41 44 552 1138, a PGOS representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
  • 09
    Why do I have to submit proof of ID and address documents? Which documents do you accept?
    We are required by law to hold proof of ID and proof of Address documents for anyone using our mail forwarding service. We can accept the following documents:

    Proof of ID (of Account Holder)*
    If applying in a company name we will require a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation and proof of ID for the responsible director.
    Driving Licence (with photo-card)
    National identity card
    Military identity card

    Proof of address (both name and address must be shown)*
    If applying in a company name we will require proof of the company's registered address and proof of address for the responsible director.
    All of the below must be issued within the last 3 months:
    Utility Bill (excluding mobile phone bill)
    Bank or Building Society statement
    Home or car insurance certificate
    Government agency issued letter

    *Other forms of ID and Proof of Address documents may be acceptable
  • 01
    How should my mail be addressed for delivery at the virtual office address?
    You can utilise the following options for addressing mail:

    Mail via Post:
    [your name [individual or company]]
    Postfrach 2029
    8027 Zurich

  • 02
    What happens to my mail?
    Mail received at the virtual office address is logged-in and then stored securely awaiting collection or forwarding.
  • 03
    How do I get my mail?
    You can come and collect your mail in person on a nominated day and time or alternatively we can forward your mail on.
  • 04
    Can somebody else collect my mail?
    Yes, you can designate and authorise another party to collect your mail.
  • 05
    How Does Mail Forwarding Work?
    Once you have subscribed to the virtual office service we can, for an additional fee, forward your mail to you either by post, courier and/or email.
  • 06
    How often is mail forwarded?
    Mail Forwarding can be customized to your needs, being daily, weekly, monthly etc. You will be charged for handling, postage and/or shipping accordingly.
  • 07
    Can I receive parcels at the virtual office address?
    Yes, you can receive parcels at the virtual office address as long as the parcel does not exceed 2 kg in weight, 100 cm in any dimension or 0.36 cubic metres in volume. Anything larger will require advance notification and prior written consent.
  • 01
    How does the telephone answering service work?
    We will provide you with a local dedicated telephone number(s) offering a comprehensive range of forwarding and answering services.
  • 02
    What happens if I am unable to answer a call?
    Unanswered calls are diverted to Voicemail, which can be accessed online from anywhere in the world, with an option to receive a recording of the Voicemail by email.
  • 03
    Can I divert my calls?
    Yes, you can divert your calls to any number of your choosing or directly to Voicemail.
  • 04
    Does the program include local phone and fax numbers?
    Yes, when subscribing to the telephone service, you will be issued local phone numbers and a dedicated fax number if required.
  • 05
    How do I configure and manage my telephone service options?
    You will have online access to a user-friendly interface control panel giving you full management over every aspect of your telephone services.
  • 06
    Can I use my dedicated number on my mobile phone?
    Yes, smartphones with the correct application can make and receive calls using your dedicated number.
  • 07
    How do I pay for the virtual telephone service?
    Call usage charges are paid on a pay as you go basis, subject to line rental charges being paid on activation. Payments can be made by wire transfer or PayPal.
Other Services:
  • 01
    Do you have meeting rooms and conference facilities available?
    Yes, we do have onsite meeting rooms, which are available to you for an hourly fee. This is a popular service and is organised on a first come first served basis. However we are able to organise meeting rooms and conference facilities with a full concierge service at a nearby partner location if required.
  • 02
    Do you offer any business/corporate services?
    Yes, we do offer our clients business services including incorporation services (both onshore and offshore), bank account opening introductions, accounting & auditing services, fiduciary & legal services, relocation services and general business consulting services. Due to the nature of these services pricing is available upon request, subject to the clients particular requirements and preferences.
  • 03
    Do you provide IT services?
    Yes, we do offer our clients IT services including local email domain (.ch), cloud storage and cloud computing solutions. Due to the nature of these services pricing is available upon request, subject to the clients particular requirements and preferences.


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